Air Compressor & Dumper

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Equipment List

Air Compressor

The portable air compressor is most used during demolition and drilling. Compressed air from the compressor offers extra power to the pneumatic equipment used during demolition.


But the power of an air compressor also can be used with many different construction machines and equipment, as an instance while drilling deep walls.


Compressed air is often used as an energy source to power pneumatic tools. It provides a reliable and efficient high output that can be used to power a wide variety of air-operated tools.


As compared to electric-powered air tools, air-powered tools are lighter, easier to use, as well as being safer and easier to maintain.


The dumper is a type of motor vehicle designed to transport material.


This motorised vehicle is used to simplify the transport, and therefore the loading and unloading, of various types of material within working areas and construction sites.