Scissors Lift, Boom Lift &
Telescopic Handler

Boom Lifts create effective aerial platforms and are ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications. Tanglin Corporation offers technical service support for all machinery leasing equipment. Our professional and dedicated technical team is always on hand for site inspection and maintenance/repairs.

Equipment List

Scissors Lift

Our Scissors Lifts are the industrial solutions for increasing worksite productivity and can be used for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications.


Scissor Lift is a type of platform that can typically only move vertically. The platform may also have an extending “bridge” to allow closer access to the work area, because of the inherent limits of vertical-only movement. Scissor Lift is normally used by workers to reach a certain height for work.

Boom Lift

The Boom Lifts we use create effective aerial platforms for us to get our jobs well done


Boom Lift is also named a cherry picker. It is an extensible machine with a bucket or fenced-in platform at the top of the arms that can accommodate at least one person. Boom Lift is the ideal choice for applications where you need to lift workers to certain heights with its hydraulic power to extend the crane-like arm and is for outdoor construction and industrial applications.

Telescopic Handler

Telescopic handlers are used in a range of industries but are most frequently used in the construction sector, the agricultural sector and the industrial sector.


In the construction sector, telescopic handlers are characterised by the ability to perform many different tasks like transporting heavy materials, such as steel structures, concrete elements, wood, stones, earth and any loose materials. 


They are used to lift, carry and place materials at a specific height. Their work can replace several other machines: excavator, lift, forklift or crane, and this translates into their efficiency.


They are belonging to the category of specialised forklifts.

Mobile Elevation Working Platforms

In the construction industry provides the largest market for Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs). When any construction project phase goes in the air (indoor and outdoor) applications where allow to use for all types of MEWPs for working at height.


MEWP’s (scissor lifts and booms) are temporary and mobility platform can be used to position people and their tools, equipment and materials during the erection of all types of buildings.