Lorry Crane

Lorry cranes are best used for all sites for hoisting and hauling within the premises or from any collection point to the designated locations. With a crane mounted to the Lorry, this type of vehicles are mainly used for lifting.

Equipment List

Lorry Crane

The truck mounted crane, also known as a lorry crane, is a lifting equipment installed on truck for lifting (Loading and Unloading) and transporting of cargoes within construction site and throughout the island wide.


Extends it reach and accessibility to complete job quickly, safely and efficiently which the lifting equipment is fitted with remote control for optimum operation and safety.


The Stability Control System (SCS) assist by ensure the safety of the operator and the crane while lifting activities are occurring. With this system using sensors to determine the current pressure the crane is undergoing during lifting process and able to alert the operator that lifting is in dangerous condition where the safety cutoff will activate.