Concrete Pump

Our concrete pumps are either attached to a truck or stationary concrete pumps. Tanglin Corporation offers technical service support for all machinery leasing equipment. Our professional and dedicated technical team is always on hand for site inspection and maintenance/repairs.

Equipment List

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Most effective solution for truck-mounted concrete pumps have the flexibility matches the versatility of this typical application, allowing the highest reach and the best maneuverability.


With distributor booms of various lengths that cover a wide range of horizontal and vertical reaches encountered in all customary truck-mounted concrete pump applications.


The distributor flexible booms with 5 arms that can operate precisely inside low buildings, tunnels or under bridges, with an unfolding height of below 4 m. Ideal for extremely efficient operation on small and medium construction sites.


All commands can be transferred to the machine from any unobstructed operator position using the state-of-the-art radio remote-control. The boom can thus be maneuver smoothly and practically across the building site.

Stationary Pump

Trailer stationary pumps are powerful, reliable, durable and flexible. They provide exceptional convenience to meet the requirements of the most demanding of jobs.


Particularly as far as concreting is concerned, some factors are critical such as the consistent high quality of the concrete and a high pumping capacity for the concretes to high rise buildings, long distance concrete pumping, tunnel construction, sludge pumping and other specialty jobs.


They are meant to deliver high performance and high pressure.

Rotary Distributor

Rotary distributors complement truck-mounted concrete pumps, stationary placing booms or delivery lines, when it comes to distributing concrete over a wide range.


They can be used for concreting large areas and floors that cannot be reached by the truck-mounted concrete pump as well as for concreting pillars. They are also used in tunnel construct sites and pre-cast factories.

Mini Concrete Placing Boom (Spider Placing Boom)

The mini placing boom assembly consists of three foldable sections arm and which it can swing through 360 degrees while luffing, folding/unfolding.  This allowing it to place concrete to form walls, columns, piles and other vertical structures without confined placement areas.


With its compact structure and lightweight are well fit for construction of different / complicated area without being influenced by the size and the space areas. It can be lifted and transferred to any suitable places for concrete placement, such as floors, platforms, simply-structure as it does not need to be fixed while operating.

Concrete Stationary Boom

Typically for high-rise buildings up to approx. 100 m high, long-distance conveying projects up to approx. 500 m and restricted inner city building projects.


They are ideally suited for integration in climbing formwork, the autonomous through-climbing of floors, as well as free-standing installations.


If the stationary boom is integrated into self-climbing formwork, it is raised together with the complete formwork by a powerful hydraulic cylinder in a single stroke into the next section to be concreted.


Buildings are becoming taller and complex, and the demands placed on concrete conveying are growing alongside. This cannot always be done by truck-mounted concrete pumps, as their reaches are limited too.