Generator & Forklift

Tanglin Corporation offers technical service support for all machinery leasing equipment. Our professional and dedicated technical team is always on hand for site inspection and maintenance/repairs.

Equipment List


The 270kva diesel generators are set for low oil consumption and are recognized for their convenience in operations. They are also of high reliability and easy maintenance. They can sustain long continuous running times at variable loads.


The generator is also called as in short form as “Genset”. It is a combination of electric equipment used to produce or generate electrical power. The Genset is an alternative engine that generates electrical power. Generators convert electrical energy into mechanical energy as an output.

Diesel Powered Generator

Diesel generators are imperative in the construction industry. Construction projects often stall because of interrupted power supply or lack of power supply in some construction sites.


These portable generators are soundproof ultra-silent, powerful, and Eco-friendly which can be moved from one site to the other in any points of time.


Generators give the much-needed power to provide lightings within the construction site, electrical air conditioning, communication systems, electrical appliances inside the site offices and as well as run construction equipment such as tower cranes, passenger hoists and others.


Provide backup electrical power to the main power grid if there is power interruption both by external forces and interference emanating from the construction site.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (Electric) Generator

An emission free future for the construction industry.


The diesel generators must run continuously and consume enormous amounts of diesel, resulting in pollution and noise that are harmful to the health and safety of construction workers and people living and working near worksites.


This electric generator is more efficient on the power energy supply, with zero emissions (environmentally friendly), quieter (reduction on noise pollution at the construction site), and it is safe for plug & play.


The equipment cost is more than diesel generators in the short-term, will lead to long-term savings given significantly lower running costs.

Flood Lights (Lighting Tower)

The lighting tower is suitable for remote and difficult workplaces. It has a wide range of uses, and it can play an important role in lighting many projects that need to work at night.


In addition to being used in construction projects, lighting tower can also be used as lighting equipment. Due to the movable nature of the lighting tower and is very suitable for use in rugged terrain or bad weather conditions.


LED floodlights are powerful lighting fixtures in these areas because of their high lumen output, one of the main benefits of using LED fixtures is their energy efficiency.

Industrial Forklift

Diesel forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. 


They are a common type of equipment found at most industrial warehouses and construction sites which enable operators to move pallets and materials quickly and efficiently.


And they are offer more power and lift capacity. They are better suited for outdoor applications because diesel emissions require constant ventilation.


With a wide range of applications which they can raise, lower, stack, organize, carry, push, pull and tier materials, crates, pallets, and more.